The Monolith

by Stonehenge Parnhashnakovsky

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An honest expression of the life experience experiment.


released August 15, 2014

Lyrics written and performed by Stonehenge Parnhashnakovsky
Music composed and produced by TeV95



all rights reserved


95Labs New York, New York

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Track Name: Gravitational
From the Earth to the Interstellar
I will love you forever
this is Adam and Eve naked in the garden with Red Hot Chili Peppers
blood, sugar, sex, magic no serpents or specters
no burning bushes with he shepherds,
but in my mind we are molded and made to be together forever
who gives a fuck about these crabs in our nebula
your my holy Sepulchre replica
world wonder number nine, hanging gardens of Nebuchadnezzar
its like we're tethered
bound by straps of leather
it's like these things could never be better
you're in my orbit like Johannes Kepler
knowing that we both stay Po like Edgar
but in this Rue Morgue we rock till the cops come knocking, we fucking wherever, whenever
we rap our bodies around each other, its an endles feedback loop, mobius strip with MC Escher
there is a thin line between and pleasure so, grab the rope and pass the smoke
I like to bite, scratch and joke
we connect like cables wires, wrapped up close
2012 its like the venom got en em and I found myself wrapped up like fine lenin, all thse fine women, rush of adrenaline, touching when intimate
try to picture i
Track Name: Live From The Bottomless Pit
Yo, Tev, better cancel all calls to the marketing department and publicist/
better yet, call the pharmacist and psychiatrist,
because the madmen i am running with need narcotics anonymous/
fuck the meds, I was born like this, so honor it, I write for the love of it/
I put my heart in it/
most dont know the scripture but it
down on them like dorner armaments
the cops are the arsonist
no argument/
i bite pristine apples gardening/
this is sistine chapel artisan/
we push this partnership/
, licken your twtised sister on the ottoman/
the sickest victors since the ottomans/
i speak for the unraveled modern man/
split screen fractal common sense/
16 scalpels means my homegirl with cuts on her arm again
toast to a scar to mend/
I hope one day she will smile and grin/
until then we talk about it over jars of gin/
blow smoke in the autumn wind/
I stay god body to the head arm and limbs/
but lust for dirty damsels and dine with fine wine harlequins/
hollow models modeling, face full of botox and collagen/
its a slippery slope
hollow bottle swallowing, sniffing coke, wallowing/
trying to grip the rope,
primetime alcoholic sips in every bar i am in/
my friends hit the slope slaloming/
8 ball in every pocket high as rocket ships/
8 ball in every pocket high as rocket ships/
While i write for the fatherless,
live from the bottomless pit/
I’m a survivalist, my mind will drift/
I write for the fatherless
live from the bottomless pit a survivalist, columnist
my mind will drift in the tide of timelessness
look at this universal wave and dive in it
i battle hopelessness
my friends battle homelessness
and i still wonder why i exist
My life is unpredictable, yet cyclical, it all depends on how my karma spins/
the centripetal is critical and pivotal when the room is spinning after a rack of tom collins and cosmopolitans
i got an odd flow, god knows that we all have sinned/
excuse me, that was my guilty conscious barging in/
i aint new to this, anarchist rule # 1 is fuck the government and politics, no pandering/
I cant pardon the quaks and charlatans in parliament
that dont represent the populace replace the congressmen/
I’m a post modernist, columnist,
mister mind is gone
hard to follow it/
voluminous raps in negative space and every line of the song, i never call it quits, /
its obvious, head and straight but i have a star to grip/
dime in a bong taking the strongest rips,
blood stream sedative laced
we just started this mission, lets see how far we get,
I have thoughts of lost friends that keep me motivated when its hard to live,
i mean, when stuck between a huge rock and the biggest hardest bricks,
other friends lost their lives to the bright lights, but not fame or halogens,
but the ambulance and discharged cartridges,
to get em back i would gladly give god a rib
i promise you this/
so you wonder why i rap with uncommon consciousness,/ scroll up honest scripts/
st thomas aquinas with the starving kids/
I look at this so called life and ask myself is this all it is/
I look at this so called life and ask myself is this all that it is/
the only shamaan to channel tutankhamun and discuss opulence with brahman
credit cards. dollars and cents, how much will landlords charge for rent/
so. you think I care about getting signed by an international conglomerate/
and lose all claim to ownership, no sir, quite the opposite/
I care about predestination and exploring all 7 continents/